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  • We need to enforce all the laws - equally. With regards to immigration, I understand the system is poorly administered. However, we need to set an example to our youth that we are a nation of laws and we must all respect them. I propose a few "common sense" changes.


  • Separate guest worker program - a "blue card". Workers are never eligible for citizenship. They must pay all taxes as if they were citizens. Blue card employers must also hold a health insurance policy that covers any medical expenses incurred and paid for by their employees so as to not burden the taxpayers. 


  • Deport anyone here illegally. Everyone follows the law. BUILD THE WALL. (ALL My opponents do not support this!)


  • Revised Immigration process to anyone who is willing to agree to ALL these rules: 1. have a USA sponsor that is financially responsible for their expenses, 2. pass a health and criminal background check, 3. sign a form stating they will not accept any social welfare payments. The goal is to not burden existing taxpayers. Any violations of these provisions is subject to immediate deportation.


  • The border patrol agents requested the proper tools to do their job - whether a wall, fencing, or boots on the ground, we should provide them with the proper tools to accomplish border security. American citizens come first.


  • Financial Freedom platform - cut spending drastically - 


  • A key issue is to 100% defund the dept. of Education. They do not directly educate children. It was created by Pres. Carter in 1976, our country existed and became wealthy without it. Save the money and pay down the national debt. It is a proof point and a rallying cry for all those disappointed with DC spending habits. Taking a broad approach to a balanced budget amendment, while admirable, has not worked as a strategy. My strategy is to FOCUS on one major change.


  • Support a line item presidential veto- this is the only way to cut out pork barrel spending - root cause analysis.


  • Defund 100% Planned parenthood. Any services provided by the government which can be provided by the private sector are NOT needed. Technically, this is an "elective medical procedure". Disallow funding “ALL elective medical procedures” to reduce spending.


  • Personal Freedom -  I propose a Personal Data Ownership (PDO)law - all consumer and social, medical or financial data shall be deemed a product owned by the individual, not any firm. In order to share personal data, the owner must specifically opt-in to any agreement and is free to restrict the scope in any way.


Many years ago a futurist named George Gilder wrote an article which stated that soon an individual's data will be considered a product, and that in order to maintain a moral society, it should be considered personal property - soon companies would be purchasing this data from individuals.


  1. Government Reform. - Entitlement reform – Never cut Social Security –

FIRST cut all other non-constitutional departments, starting with the Education dept. Devolve those issues to the States as a 10th Amendment issue. Drugs – a) allow compassionate freedom of use. B) Marijuana legislation should be managed at the STATE level. We need to focus on cutting spending.

Other issues and thoughts:


  1. If elected, I will work to introduce a bill to 100% eliminate the Dept. of Education – a signature issue.
  2. If elected, I will give every verified constituent a secure way to email my office with concerns.
  3. I will vote in favor of building a wall; national security supercedes all other issues.
  4. I will hold everyone to the exact same standard of the LAW, including Congress, no exceptions.
  5. I will publish my contact calendar at the end of every month to report who I met with and what topics were discussed.
  6. I will strictly interpret and vote according to the US Constitution.
  7. I am in favor of the Convention of States project and have signed the petition.
  8. I will work to introduce a guest worker program where it will be mandatory that the employer must cover the healthcare expenses of guest employees who will never be eligible for citizenship or welfare.
  9. I will work to support a Presidential line item veto power.
  10. I will work to eliminate 100% all funding for ALL elective medical procedures.
  11. I will work to introduce a Personal data Protection law – the individual owns their own personal data, not any company.
  12. I will work to devolve/cut any federal agency not needed according to the Tenth Amendment.
  13. I will support 100% Constitutional Carry laws across the USA.
  14. I will support a “Loser Pays” tort reform system.
  15. I will receive visitors to my office in this priority level: 1. Constituents from my district, 2.  High level House members, 3. Lobbyists, 4. General public not within my district.

Platform Specifics:

1. Immigration-Shall have a sole purpose of benefiting existing citizens and general welfare of the nation.

  • BUILD the WALL.
  • NO Amnesty for anyone. No DACA. One exception - military service and honorable discharge.
  • Immigration based on merits, not quotas. Subject to mandatory congressional review yearly. Work permits allowed, however, a holder of a work permit can NEVER apply for citizenship. - E-VERIFY shall be mandatory for all USA employers, no exceptions. Includes paying Social Security taxes and no welfare.
  • All immigrants shall/must do ALL of 1. Pass a health check, 2. Have a USA Sponsor who is financially responsible for them, 3. Sign a form stating they will NOT accept any government welfare/assistance.
  • Countries who refuse to take back deported nationals are IMMEDIATELY suspended from the VISA program for ALL of their citizens, no exceptions.
  • VISA/document processing stations allowed only in foreign countries, not on USA soil.

2. Healthcare - should be regulated by the states, not the federal government - 10th Amendment issue.

  • Repeal and do NOT replace Obamacare. Block grant any monies to the states on once/yr based on legal citizen per capita populations. No other restrictions.
  • VA health care - allow any facility uses - give everyone a visa debit card and an allowance/budget, identical to private insurance.
  • Medicare - eliminate federal control- give block grants to states per capita to administer. No other restrictions.
  • Cross state border purchasing allowed. Individuals treated exactly the same as corporations. Any purchasing groups of any kind allowed. Reason - 10th Amendment issue - not a federal responsibility.

3. Taxes - all citizens benefit from the freedom ensured by the military so they should pay taxes.

  • Everyone pays a MINIMUM alternative income tax of 5%. Maximum tax of 20%. Alternative flat tax of 15% for everyone, no exemptions for anything. NO more social engineering.
  • Corp tax rates comparable with other nations, est. 15%, but no higher than the maximum personal rates.
  • I am in favor of complete elimination of the IRS with the substitute of Tariffs. Prior to 1902 and the creation of the IRS our country became great during the FIRST 100 years using tariffs. The Founding Fathers all believed that tariffs made a country strong, self-sufficient and independent.

4. National Security

  • Restrict the TSA - defund if possible. Instead deploy profiling software similar to Israeli systems. No fly watch lists are subject to public legal review and court systems for redress.
  • National reciprocity for CHL/LTC concealed carry licensed gun owners.
  • Enforce the law - War powers act and all others. The congress needs to fund wars and vote accordingly to fulfill their duty.

5. Budget

  • Cut 10% of all current federal budgets across all entities immediately until budget is balanced over a 5 year period. I am in favor of the Penny Plan.
  • Reform CBO counting process to include “dynamic scoring” and/or eliminate the CBO completely.
  • Eliminate the Dept. Of Education - not in the Constitution.
  • Any other entities like housing assistance shall also be converted to block grants to the states if not specifically mentioned in the Constitution.


Michael P. Ryan   Mr. Ryan currently serves as a global IT Director for a private equity chemical firm. He recently served as the VP and CIO for a global energy technology firm managing all corporate IT systems including Oracle ERP with 132 legal entities, operating in 60 countries with 8 currencies. He was also the CIO of a global technology/manufacturing firm managing an Oracle EBS implementation. He served as enterprise architect, hired and trained staff and negotiated contracts and licensing agreements. His recent experience as a Partner at RPM consulting includes interim CIO consultant to many energy, technology and financial firms including Chevron, Stewart Title Insurance, Ernst and Young, Teppco Pipeline, McDermott Dubai and Noble Energy to name a few. ( I have not solicited or received any contributions or endorsements from any of these firms).


Mr. Ryan provides business and IT professional consulting services for corporate and organizational issues. He has recognized expertise in areas of Risk analysis, SOX, SAS70 and HIPAA compliance, international IT and Corporate governance, and strategic business and organizational development, in both startup and Fortune 500 companies spanning decades. He has held several positions with executive responsibilities.


Mr. Ryan has over thirty years of computer, engineering and leadership experience in both private and public sectors. He has worked on military aerospace supercomputer projects and his experience includes managing the nationwide medical imaging practice for Data General and Compaq ($200 million healthcare and retail division).  His experience in government technology projects includes managing over 20 projects in the southeast as a Project Manager and Senior Architecture Specialist for Unisys in addition to consulting on security software development for the US Army TATRC division.



■       Global leadership experience

■       Highly technical

■       Financially astute, P&L

■       Highly skilled manager and motivator

■       Excellent communication and presentation skills

■       Fast and thorough

■       Highest ethics



Mr. Ryan is an Electrical Engineering graduate of General Motors Institute, with a thesis on applied computer simulation. He completed an Executive Education program at the University of Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. He has extensive and current information technology training in a wide variety of technologies such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Cisco networks, security, risk, compliance, SOX, SAS70, ITIL,CISA, CISSP, PMP and more. He formerly held a life insurance license in addition to SEC Series 6 and 63 securities licenses. Mr. Ryan holds a Texas CHL/LTC license and also a DHS TWIC security clearance.

Mr. Ryan has volunteered his time as a business plan advisor to the Houston Technology Center, UT Health Science Center School of Medical Informatics and Houston Baptist University MBA program as well as a skilled tradesman to Fort Bend Habitat for Humanity. He coached both Katy American Little League baseball and Katy Girls Softball Association teams. He served on the Board of Directors for Saint John 23 Catholic High School and the Katy High School Band Boosters 501C3 organizations.

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